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What’s New in the World of Feline Medicine?

Hello everybody. It’s CAT Stanley again. For so long, we cats got the short end when it came to research. The dogs got most of the attention. Fortunately, that tide is turning and there are some exciting developments in the world of feline medicine.

In the video below, Dr. Susan Little shares some of things that are happening in the field of infectious disease. She talks about FeLV/FIV and their link to oral inflammatory disease, advances in understanding the FIP virus, and a provisionally licensed drug for the treatment of upper respiratory infections. But I’ll let her tell you about all of this. Just watch the video below.


Pretty exciting stuff, right? In the next video, Dr. Tony Buffington talks about what he considers important in the field of cat nutrition. Take a look.


I’d like to thank Dr. Little and Dr. Buffington as well as DVM360 and Veterinary Medicine for providing these videos.

While we’re on the subject of nutrition, there is also this new study that examines the effects of feeding frequency and dietary water content on voluntary physical activity in healthy adult cats. The study concludes that “increased feeding frequency and dietary water content, without changing energy intake or dietary macronutrient composition, appear to promote physical activity, which may aid in weight management in cats.” Think about that for a moment. Just by feeding your cat more often and adding more water to the diet, you can encourage your cat to exercise more, without changing anything else about the diet. As you probably already know, obesity is a major concern for our cats and we’re seeing more and more cats that are overweight or obese. Anything we can do to promote physical activity in our cats and prevent obesity is a step in the right direction.

These are just a few selected offerings. There’s much more going on in these arenas as well as others. I say hurrah to anything that helps keep me and my feline friends healthy.


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